How to Set Up The Marketo Integration (REST API)

Marketo is a comprehensive, analytics-based marketing automation software, primarily used for lead nurturing, scoring and management. With the Marketo Oktopost integration you can automatically sync social activities with lead records in Marketo to create more meaningful interactions with your customers.

Create Custom Service in Marketo

First, head over to Marketo → Admin → Integration → LaunchPoint and create a new custom service with REST API access.

Next, head over to Custom Activities under Database Management and create a new custom activity:

Next, define the custom activity's filter and trigger:

Next, define the custom activity's primary field:

Next, create the custom activity's fields:

Data Type Field Name API Name Description
string Click Id clickId Reference to Oktopost activity ID
string Campaign Tags campaignTags Comma separated list of keywords from Oktopost campaign
string Campaign Name campaignName Oktopost campaign name
string Message Keywords messageKeywords Comma separated list of keywords extracted from the post content
string Poster Name posterName Name of the Oktopost user who scheduled the post
string Profile Name profileName Name of the social profile who shared the link
string Post Id postId Reference to Oktopost post ID
string Post Source postSource UI, API, Board, Curation or Direct
string Post Date Time postDateTime The post date and time
string Post Url postUrl A link to the actual post on social media

Please pay close attention to the capitalization and spacing of both fields and API names

Create a CNAME

Before heading back to Oktopost to connect the integration you will need to set up a CNAME for Oktopost.

Connect Oktopost to Marketo

Once the custom activity and CNAME are set up, head back to Oktopost → Setup → Integrations, and add a new Marketo integration. Enter the Client Id, Client Secret and Munchkin Account Id from Marketo.

Then, enable the Sync Custom Activity option, select Click on Social Link from the list, click Save, and you're done.

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