Posts VS Messages

While the wording may be a bit confusing, messages and posts in Oktopost are different objects.

The Difference Between Scheduling a Post Directly and Using Message Assets

Using Schedule a Post directly is best used for one-off messages, or for someone who both creates content and is in charge of carrying out the campaigns.

Message Assets is a great tool for setting the content before-hand for distribution at another time, or for companies where content creation and distribution are carried out by different people. Messages or Message Assets are subsets of posts and devise the posts content. Posts in Oktopost are comprised of messages + the distribution channel, meaning, the social profile, group, time and date its going to be distributed to.

This separation is one of our unique differentiators and allows for:


When creating long-term campaigns, it can be cumbersome to continuously go back and schedule posts. Creating your content for campaigns through Message Assets allows you to then schedule posts to be distributed automatically, using any or all of the messages that were created. This is an invaluable tool for large scale, long term campaigns.

Better workflow

Separating content creation from actual scheduling allows better team collaboration and content moderation. The best person to create or approve content is not always the team member who schedules and carries out the campaign.


Keeping the same tone of voice when posting is crucial for brands. Since Oktopost saves all of the content in the "Message Assets" tab it's always possible to look back, understand how the content was written so far and continue from there.

Message performance

Analysis of message performance is available under the campaign analytics tab. This data allows the measurement of the actual content, regardless of who posts it, or when it was posted. (Available under the campaign analytics tab, Oktopost shows the message performance analysis. This data enables to measure the effectiveness of the actual content regardless of who posted it or when it was posted.)

Content editing

Since scheduled posts are comprised of messages + distribution channel, it's easy to edit the content for posts that were already scheduled. So even if you scheduled the same post, using the same message, to launch on 200 LinkedIn groups using X amount of social profiles, and found a typo in the message, just go to "Message Assets" and edit the content. This is a small but important feature that can save literally hours of work.

Do I have to create Messages separately before posting?

Absolutely not. Even though every post is comprised of a message, Oktopost will save the content created and will make it available on its respective campaign page under Message Assets while scheduling new posts. However, creating messages before scheduling posts is a highly recommended practice for high density campaigns.

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