Why Can't I Post the Same Message to Multiple Networks?

As opposed to the majority of social media marketing platforms, Oktopost is designed to encourage users to post unique messages to each social network. In terms of best practices, posting the same message across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter overlooks the distinct traits and nature of each network.

Further to this, users of each social network expect to see posts that are compatible with what they expect to see on that channel. For example, Facebook is considered to be a personal, fun and informal network primarily for family and friends, while LinkedIn is a more formal channel aimed at business professionals. In this context, creating and publishing the same message on both fails to take each one's defining characteristics into account, and makes it challenging to effectively connect with that particular social audience.

In addition, each network has its own specifications in terms of character limit (e.g.: Twitter being 140 characters, Facebook being 2,000), and it doesn't make sense to be restricted by Twitter's character limit when creating messages for other networks, where longer-form content is more acceptable.

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