Twitter Cards

With Twitter Cards, brands are able to include rich media, such as video and photos, directly in their Tweets. By adding some HTML code to your web pages, users who Tweet your page links will have a “Card” displayed within their Tweet.

A common question we often get is if Oktopost supports these Twitter Cards. The simple and short answer is yes. But still, in order to have your Cards displayed, you will need to follow the Twitter guidelines and make sure that your pages:

  1. Include the necessary HTML code.
  2. Have been validated and approved (whitelisted) by Twitter.

To read more about how to enable your site with Twitter Cards check out

Our development team has made sure that even though your Tweets have shortened URLs, Twitter will still understand where to find your Twitter Card HTML code. You can use the Twitter Card Validator to check that the HTML is being read correctly and that Twitter will whitelist your domain.

When using the Twitter Card Validator, just enter the URL of your web page. In this example, we've used an extreme case by testing an link, to make sure that Twitter will follow through to the end page.

When you press the Preview card button, Twitter will read the URL and show you a preview of what the Tweet that included the URL will look like within a stream.

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