How to Set up Social Insights for

The integration between Oktopost and Salesforce displays your Oktopost data in context on your Salesforce Contact and Lead pages. This is helpful to keep your marketing and sales teams up-to-date with social clicks performed by leads and contacts.


To be able to integrate Oktopost and Salesforce, you must:

  • Have a Salesforce account (No Salesforce API Access required).
  • Have permissions to install packages into Salesforce.

Step 1: Install the Package

To install the package, click the link below. This will open in a new tab and take you to Salesforce. If you are not logged into Salesforce already you will be prompted to do so. Follow the instructions on Salesforce, and continue the step-by-step instructions below to configure the package.

  1. The first page will list the components that the package will install, you can review these and click "Continue".
  2. The next page will list the permissions you are authorizing in Salesforce. Please note that this integration will not access your Salesforce API or make a Salesforce API requests. Click “Next” on this screen.
  3. On the next screen, you will be given the option to install the package, click “Install” here.

Use this URL to install the package into any organization:

Step 2: Configuration Setup

You will need to add your Oktopost API Key and Account Id to the Salesforce setting to authorize access to your Oktopost account. You can obtain these from the API tab under My Settings in your Oktopost account.

Follow these steps to add the API Key and Account Id:

1. Under "Setup" click "Develop" on the left panel to expand the menu and then click "Custom Settings".

2. Here you will see "OktopostAPISettings" listed. Click "Manage".

3. On the next screen, click "New" at the top of the screen to enter the details. Please note, there are two “New” buttons on this screen, the first button grants access to everyone in your organization, the other will ask you to specify a Salesforce profile to grant access to. You should click the top button to ensure everyone in your organization will have access to the Oktopost panels.

4. Enter your Oktopost App API Key and Oktopost App Account Id found under My Profile in your Oktopost account and then click "Save".

Step 3. Add Visualforce Panel to Contact Page

To add the Oktopost Social Insights panel to the Salesforce Contact page you will need to edit the layout of a contact page and add the newly installed panel.

1. Open the contact page for one of your existing contacts in Salesforce and click "Edit Layout". This will bring you to the graphical layout builder in Salesforce.

2. Drag down a new section for the Intercom panel, and the Section name “Oktopost Social Insights” and set the number of columns to 1.

3. Under "Visualforce pages" drag down the newly installed OktopostContact page. Click the spanner icon on the right of this panel to edit the Visualforce Page Properties. Set height to 500.

4. Click "save", and after a few seconds, the Contact page will load with the new Oktopost Social Insights.

Step 4: Lead Page

1. To add Oktopost Social Insights panel to a Lead display repeat Step 3 on an existing Lead page.

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