How to Verify Your Lead Capture Setup

Once you've setup Oktopost to capture inbound leads from social (see how) you'll want to check that everything is working and that when a lead converts from social you are able to attribute the exact social post to the lead.

Here are the steps to validate your lead capture setup:

Step 1

Click on a social post that was scheduled from Oktopost. These are usually identifiable by their unique links. It doesn't matter where the link leads to for this test.

Step 2

After clicking on the link, in the same browser window, head over to any one of your website pages that have a form and the Oktopost code.

Step 3

Open the browser's developer tools. In Chrome this is done from the Menu → More Tools → Developer Tools.

Step 4

Select the Network tab and start to fill out the form. You should notice network activity that starts with "form?aid=". This is a good sign that the conversion code is working. Complete the form and submit.

Step 5

Log into your Oktopost and head over to the Conversion Setup. You should notice an increase in the number of conversions.

Step 6

Go to the Aquisition Dashboard and make sure that you have today's date included in the data set. You might need to edit the URL, based on your timezone.

Step 7

Look for the Lastest Conversion section and you should see your test lead.

Voilà! Everything is working and you're ready to go.

Trouble Shooting

No conversion

  1. Double check that you came from an link.
  2. The Oktopost tracking code is on the thank-you page.
  3. The Conversion Setup is configured to recognize the thank-you page as a conversion.

Anonymous conversion

  1. Check that you have the Oktopost tracking code on the same page the form is on.
  2. If the form is served from inside an iframe, the code should also be inside the iframe.

If you are having issues with the conversion setup please contact us.

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