User Notifications

List Notifications

This endpoint will list the authenticated user's email notification settings.

Example Request

curl -i

Example Result

	"Result": true,
	"Items": {
		"EmailDaily": false,
		"EmailWeekly": true,
		"EmailCampaignComplete": false,
		"EmailOnNewAssignment": true,
		"EmailOnNoteAdded": true,
		"EmailOnNoteMention": true,
		"EmailOnStatusChange": true,
		"SendDailyEmailReport": true

Update Notifications

Example Request

curl -i -X POST \
-d EmailDaily=1 \
-d EmailWeekly=1 \
-d EmailCampaignComplete=1 \
-d EmailOnNewAssignment=0 \
-d EmailOnNoteAdded=0 \
-d EmailOnNoteMention=1 \
-d EmailOnStatusChange=0 \
-d SendDailyEmailReport=1

Note that it is possible to send one or more settings in a single update request.

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