Lead Activity

List Lead Activities

Lead activities are social interactions that Oktopost was able to associate with a specific person. For a complete list of all the social activities see this article.

Example Request

curl -i https://api.oktopost.com/v2/lead-activity?leadId=0ld000000000001

Example Result

  "Result": true,
  "Items": [
      "Id": "act000000000001",
      "ActivityDate": "2018-05-23 06:31:37",
      "AccountId": "001000000000001",
      "Type": "click",
      "Network": "Twitter",
      "ProfileId": "003-001000000000001-123456",
      "Data": {}
  "Total": 1

Delete Lead Activity

Example Request

curl -i https://api.oktopost.com/v2/lead-activity/act000000000001?leadId=0ld000000000001 -X DELETE

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