How to Set Up a Branded Short URL

Oktopost allows you to set up your own branded short URL to replace the default "" URLs that Oktopost creates every time you share a link in a public post.

To set up a branded short URL for your account you will need to:

  1. Purchase a domain from an accredited domain registrar
  2. Contact us to purchase a branded short URL license
  3. Point the domain to "" See instructions below

To point your domain to "," you will need to find and edit the domains' DNS Configurations. Depending on if you're setting up a TLD (Top Level Domain) or a subdomain your next steps will vary.

Make sure your branded short URL is not in use by another service like Gigya or, as making changes can break existing links for other integrations using it.

For a Domain

Edit the existing A Records for your domain and change the IP addresses to,, and

Make sure to remove all other A records and leave only the ones pointing to Oktoposts' IP addresses.

For a Subdomain (such as

Edit the CNAME Record for your subdomain to point to "". When entering a subdomain, enter only the portion before the first dot. For example, with "" you just need to type "ok."

Conversion Tracking

If you have the Oktopost tracking code set up on your website, you will need to update the implementation to include the branded short URL, like so:

_oktrk('create', 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID', { domain: 'YOUR_BRANDED_SHORT_LINK' });

You can copy the full tracking code from App Settings → Tracking Code.

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