How to manage topics

Oktopost allows you to assign topics to each message that you share on the board. Advocates, in turn, can subscribe to topics and consume only the content that's relevant form them, based on the topics they chose.

To create and manage topics, head to the Topics tab on your board. From this tab, you can add new topics, edit their names, and delete topics from the board.

Since this feature is optional, once you set up topics, messages without topics will not show up on the board. The same applies to advocates, users who didn't subscribe to any topic, will not see or receive notifications about messages on their board.

Notifying advocates about new topics

Once you've added topics to your board, any advocate who didn't subscribe to these topics will see a window with an option to choose which topic they want to subscribe to the next time they log in to the board. Advocates, at any time, can manage their subscription to topics from the Settings page on the board.

Deleting and editing topics

From the topics tab, you will be able to see how many messages and subscribers each topic has. If you delete a topic, it will remove it from all messages and the advocates' board as well. If you decide to edit a topic's name, it will change across the board, but advocates who subscribed to it will not be notified.

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