Lead Matching

When someone interacts with your content on social media, Oktopost will store their engagement (comment, like, link click, etc.) and profile information, and try to match it to an existing record inside your marketing database. Once a match is found, Oktopost will automatically sync this person's social activities with the external record, allowing for better nurturing, scoring, and attribution.

There are two prerequisites to matching leads:

  1. Enabling Lead Tracking in Settings > People Database > Data Retention.
  2. Integrating Oktopost and at least one of the following systems: Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, or Eloqua.

Once connected, the matching engine will start working and will either match leads automatically and show them under People Database > Synced or will ask you to review and confirm a match under People Database > New and Saved.

How we calculate the matching score

Oktopost uses various strategies to calculate the matching score, taking into account leads' contact information, existing leads inside your marketing database and additional information that we get from sub-processors.

Matching leads automatically

By default, Oktopost matches lead records only when there's a 100% probability that it's the same record, based on cookies or tracked forms. While leads with probable matches, based on contact information, have to be synced manually from the people database tab.

To sync leads automatically based on probable matches, you can change the matching threshold from Manual to scores ranging from 50-90%. Above 90 percent usually means that it's the same person with more than one matching detail, and less than 90 percent often means that some details don't fully match or that there's more than one lead with the same information.

If you've set a matching threshold and Oktopost found more than one record, it will automatically select the most recently updated that has the highest match score.

Why some leads don't have a matching score

No matching score means that this lead is either completely new or that Oktopost doesn't have enough data to match it with your marketing database. If this lead is relevant, we recommend adding them to your Saved list, and Oktopost will continue to track their engagements until it has enough information to match by. Alternatively, you can manually add this lead to your marketing automation or CRM, and Oktopost will save the match for future syncing.

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