Lead Status Explained

All lead records in the People Database are separated into four tabs according to their status: New, Synced, Saved, and Ignored.

Status Description
New Leads that recently engaged with your social content and are pending action to either Save, Sync, or Ignore them.
Saved Leads that you want to keep tracking until Oktopost has enough data to sync them or you decide to add them manually.
Synced Leads that were matched, either manually or automatically, to the records inside Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, or Eloqua, and have at least one social activity synced with these systems.
Ignored Leads that you added to the Ignore list. Ignored leads' activities are still tracked but not synced with integrated systems or shown inside reports. You can recover ignored leads or delete them completely from your database.

Note that if a deleted lead engages with your content in the future, it will pop up the New tab again. To avoid it, we recommend leaving irrelevant lead records in the Ignore list instead of deleting.

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