Social Attribution Parameters

You can use the following parameters in your CRM's Source Field Template to automatically populate based on the social activity that your Leads or Contacts have taken.

Field Description
%activity_type% Link Click, Comment, or Share.
%activity_text% Post or comment text.
%activity_date(format)% The social activity date and time. See more on date formatting.
%campaign_name% The Oktopost campaign name.
%network% The activity network.
%profile_name% The Oktopost profile or page name.
%remote_url% A URL to the post on social media.
%post_source% UI, API, Board, Curation, or Direct.
%board_name% The advocacy board's name.
%user_name% The Oktopost user name.

For example:

%network% %activity_type% on %activity_date(Y-m-d)%, see: %remote_url%

Will automatically populate your chosen source field based on the activity type, like so:

Twitter Link Click on 2020-04-13, see:

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