How to Schedule Posts

Once your campaign is created, to create your first post, just click on the Schedule Your First Post button located on your campaign's Calendar tab. Once you clicked on the button an overlay console will appear on your screen.

  1. Select the tab of the social network you'd like to post to.
  2. Select one or more social profiles or company pages you'd like to post with.
  3. Enter your message. If you like to share a link, enter the url or paste it into your message box and a link preview will appear below the message box. Images can also be uploaded and shared according to each social networks' guidelines. Note that every message you publish in Oktopost is saved as a Message Asset and can later be used in other posts.
  4. To select the date and time to post, click on When, and select 1 or more dates/times and click the Set button. Alternately, click on the Queue icon to post it in pre-defined time period according to each profile's queue settings in Oktopost.
  5. Once you're done, you can click on the Post Now, Schedule, or Queue button to save your Post. By default, this will close the post console window, or you can select the checkbox at the bottom that allows you to leave the post console window open to continue creating posts.

Do I have to create a campaign for each post?

No. Posts can also be scheduled from the main Calendar tab without having to specify a campaign. In such case, Oktopost will automatically use the Last Used Campaign so your posts can still be tracked.

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