Why Aren't Links Automatically Shortened?

When you create a post for any of the social networks (either in Message Assets or through Schedule a Post) and paste a link, even though the link appears full-length, it will automatically be shortened once the post is published as a shortened "ok.to" link. Also, the unique character limit for the social network you're creating a post for is actually calculated based on the length of the shortened version.

There are two key reasons behind leaving the link "as-is":

  1. The link preview populates much faster if the link is not automatically shortened when pasted.
  2. It is much easier to identify the source of the link when you can see it in full-length in one of your Message Assets, as opposed to having to guess where it links to based on the shortened version.

Tip: To follow best practice, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, once you copy and paste the link into the text box and the preview appears below, you can delete the link and the preview will remain.

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