Why Do I Need to Reconnect My Profile?

Every so often, you may see the following message appear in your Oktopost account:

[User]'s [Network]'s Profile was disconnected and requires re-authentication.

This message means that your social profile or company page no longer has valid credentials, and any posts you scheduled will not be published until you reconnect it. This can happen for a number of reasons, as listed below:

  • A periodical requirement on behalf of the social network
  • Posting error that caused the need for revalidation
  • User changed his/her password for the social network
  • The user has modified access to the application
  • The user never completed the Oktopost authorization process (a step may have been skipped)

How to Reconnect Your Social Profile or Company Page

Try the first step below; if the profile is not successfully re-added, try the subsequent ones before contacting support.

  • Re-add the profile by clicking on the warning message
  • Delete the profile from the Social Profiles tab in your account, and then re-add it by clicking on "Connect a Social Profile"
  • Delete Oktopost from the social network's 3rd party application settings, and then re-add the profiles
  • If none of these steps work, please contact support

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