Setting Up an Approval Process for Posts

Within every marketing team, there is generally an approval process that entails reviewing and editing social media posts before they're scheduled. With Oktopost's flexible roles and permissions, setting up this type of workflow is easy. Once you create roles, one team member can write, save and schedule draft posts, while others can review, edit, and approve them.

Creating and Assigning a Custom Role

To create an approval process you first need to create a custom role for users who will not be able to approve posts:

  1. Go to the Roles tab, under App Settings.
  2. Create a new role. You can use whatever name that makes sense for your process, for example: Content Creator, Contributor etc.
  3. Once the role is created, click on its name to edit the permissions associated with it.

For every permission there are five types of access levels: read, create, update, delete and approve. Check off the appropriate access levels for each permission that you would like this type of user to have. Make sure to leave out the Approve option for posts in case this role is created for users whose posts will be moderated.

Once the role is created, you can go ahead and navigate to the Users tab in your account, and assign the new role by editing the appropriate users.

Approving Draft Posts

Once the proper role has been assigned. Every post created by a user assigned to this role will be created as a draft post. Draft posts can be recognized on the calendar according to the fold on the top right corner.

Draft posts will not go out unless approved first. Any user with post-approval permissions can approve draft posts. Approving drafts can be done by using the Approve or Discard buttons just above the calendar, or for each post separately by simply clicking on the post and choosing to Approve it.

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