Message Assets

Message Assets is basically a library that holds all of your social content. Think of it as a database that saves all of your messages, so that you can easily view them and access them for scheduling.

There are two ways in which a Message Asset is created:

  1. You used the +New Post button to publish a post, in which case the text itself, along with any link attachment or image you added, will automatically be saved as a Message Asset.
  2. You clicked on the Message Assets icon and created a new Asset for future scheduling.

How to Create Message Assets

This is a great capability which enables you to first write your Message Assets, and then access them for scheduling, either through the +New Post button or using the Autoposter.

  1. Select a Campaign, and go to the Message Assets icon.
  2. Click on the Red +New Message button up top.
  3. Select a social network from the tabs, compose your message, and hit Save (or Save and close to stay in the window and create more Assets).

Once you've created your Message Assets, you can:


Click on the Filter icon in the top right to group Message Asset by social network.


Click on the Message Asset itself to edit it.

Select All

Click on the box icon to Select All Message Assets.


Click on the trash icon to delete one or more Message Assets.

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