How to Install Social Insights for Salesforce

The Oktopost Salesforce Insights package allows you to view and report on leads, contacts, and accounts that interacted with your brand on social media.

The package includes a native Social Activity object that Oktopost will sync data with as Leads and Contacts interact with your brand on social media. The package also includes a comprehensive social media dashboard to help you get started with reporting on social activities.


To be able to set up the Salesforce Social Insights package, you must:

Note that if you want to upgrade from an existing package installation, you can use the following guide.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Install the Package

To install the package, click the link below. This will open in a new tab and take you to Salesforce. If you are not logged into Salesforce, you will be prompted to do so. Follow the instructions on Salesforce, and continue the step-by-step instructions below to configure the package.

  1. The first page will list the components that the package will install. You can review these and click Continue.
  2. The next page will list the permissions you are authorizing in Salesforce. Click Next on this screen.
  3. On the next screen, you will be given the option to install the package, click Install here.

Use this URL to install the package into any organization:

Step 2: Add Social Activities to Page Layouts

First, access Page Layouts from Setup.

  • In Salesforce Classic: Setup | Customize | (Lead|Contact|Account) | Page Layouts
  • In Salesforce Lightning: Gear Icon | Setup | Object Manager | (Lead|Contact|Account) | Page Layouts

Next, edit the required Page Layout by clicking on Related Activities, adding the Oktopost Social Activities object, and selecting the relevant columns:

  • Reading Id
  • Activity Datetime
  • Contact (for Account Page Layout only)
  • Campaign Name
  • Network
  • Activity Type
  • Activity Text
  • Sentiment
  • Profile Name
  • Remote URL

Salesforce Lightning Only

If you're using Salesforce Lightning, once you're done with the steps above:

  1. Navigate to Lighting Page Records.
  2. Add Related List - Single to your page.
  3. Select Enhanced List for Related List Type.

Step 3: Activate the Package

Once you're done with Salesforce, navigate back to the integrations' settings page in Oktopost, click on Packages, turn ON the Social Insights package, and click Save.

Package Changelog

Version 2.4

  • Added a Flow to update the social activity objects' reference fields as leads are converted to contacts.
  • Added a Campaign reference field to the social activity object.
  • Removed all Visualforce pages.
  • Removed Oktopost API fields. 

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