Setting up Teams

Businesses often have different social media teams taking care of different regions, languages or products. The Teams feature in Oktopost gives you the ability to define groups of users with common access to specific social profiles, campaigns and advocacy boards while preventing access to others.

To set up teams head over to the Teams tab under Account Settings and click on New Team. Enter the name of the new team, e.g. West Coast, and click save.

After creating the various teams, you will be able to associate users, campaigns, social profiles and advocacy boards with each team. Users, campaigns, profiles and boards can be associated with one or more teams. Users who are a part of more than one team will have access to assets from all teams they are assigned to while campaigns, profiles and boards can be part of multiple teams as-well.

Note that while the account owner and admins can be associated with one team or the the other, they will have access to all assets regardless of the teams they are associated with.

Once teams are created in your account you will be required to assign them when each asset (user, campaign, social profile or board) is created.

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