Setting Up a CNAME Record

A CNAME is a type of entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where someone can find your website. To set up many integrations in Oktopost you will often be required to create a CNAME record.

To create a CNAME record you will need to edit your DNS settings. These settings are often found with your hosting provider or domain registrar. When in doubt, check with the particular provider you're using for additional instructions.

  1. Log in to your account on your hosting service's website.
  2. Go to the DNS management page.
  3. Since CNAME records are special DNS records, they may be in sections like "DNS Management" or "Name Server Management". It's possible that you will have to turn on advanced settings to create a CNAME record.
  4. Create a new CNAME record that points to, for example, →
  5. That's it, once the CNAME record is added it may take up to 48 hours to take effect

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