Attributing Social to Leads in Marketo

Every B2B marketer needs the ability to correlate revenue to the campaigns and programs that are responsible for generating that revenue. Being able to accurately measure the results of marketing spend allows marketers to make smart choices on where and how to invest future budget.

The Marketo Analytics Lead Performance report is able to show the pipeline from lead to revenue based on the Acquisition Program. This report allows marketers to realize the value of their programs, and with the Oktopost Marketo Integration, social attribution is accurately included in this report. The sample below demonstrates how to setup your Marketo instance to support social lead attribution. We don't go into the details of configuring Marketo, since this is out of the Oktopost scope. Should you need additional help with Marketo, please contact your Marketo representative.

Step 1: Create a Smart Campaign

Create a smart campaign that will assign new leads to a social program, if they came through a social channel. Change the value to the CNAME you're using with your Oktopost Marketo integration and leave the domain as is. This Smart List will basically capture all leads whose first touch was social media and aren't assigned to an Acquisition Program. 


The campaign flow will update the acquisition program.

Step 2: Create a Report

Create a report in Marketo that shows the performance of acquisition programs. This is done through the Analytics → Lead Performance report. Under the report setup, group by Acquisition Program.


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