How to Create Salesforce Cases From Assignments

Oktopost allows you to create Salesforce Cases for every assigned social conversation. This gives you greater visibility over the different touch points in your customer life-cycle, including social media.

To enable this option, first make sure that Salesforce is set up in your account. Next, head over to the integration's Settings tab and switch ON the Create Salesforce Cases option.

Once enabled, in Assignments, click on the More Options icon of each assignment and select Create Salesforce Case. Next, select the Case Owner and Related Person, click Save and you're done.

Following this, every note or comment received from now on relating to this assignment will be automatically synced with Salesforce. You will also notice a Salesforce icon appear at the top right corner of the assignment. This indicates to you and other team members that this assignment has been synced to Salesforce.

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