Social Click URLs

Once you configured an integration to track social clicks, every link click will be redirected through the CNAME you've set up. Each redirect will use the template below, based on the link that was clicked on:


The clicks will show up in your marketing automation system or ads software as web page visits which you'll be able to segment, attribute and report by. 

While the URL will contain most of the data in the path, additional parameters will be available in the query string. Here's the full list of available parameters:

URL Definition
utm_medium Will always be "Social"
utm_source The social network name: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google
utm_term A comma separated list of campaign tags
utm_campaign The Oktopost campaign name
utm_content The source of the post: UI, Api, Autoposter, Bookmarklet, Board
okt_campaign_id The Oktopost campaign Id
okt_profile_name The name of the profile that was used to send the message
okt_profile_id The Id of the profile that was used to send the message
okt_poster_name The name of the user who posted the message
okt_poster_id The Id of the user who posted the message
okt_post_id The Id of the Oktopost post
okt_message_id The Id of the Oktopost message
okt_remote_url The link to the post on the social network site

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