How to Set Up The Eloqua Integration (Version 2)

Eloqua is a powerful marketing automation system from Oracle, designed for lead management, email marketing, sales measurement, and more. With the Oktopost Eloqua integration, you can automatically sync social activities with contact records in Eloqua to create more meaningful interactions with your customers.

To set up the integration, head over to the Integrations tab in your Oktopost account, click on Add Integration and choose Eloqua from the list. This will redirect you to Eloqua for authorization. Once you've completed the authorization process, you will be redirected back to Oktopost to configure the integration settings.

Sync Custom Activities

By turning this option ON, Oktopost will automatically create Custom Data Objects (CDOs) in Eloqua for the following social activities.

The CDO records will contain detailed information and analysis about every social activity that Oktopost was able to associate with known contacts in Eloqua. You can use these CDOs to create campaigns and programs based on social activities such as likes, clicks, mentions, comments and more.

Track Social Clicks

By turning this option ON, the Eloqua website tracking script will be triggered whenever someone clicks on a shared link. Eloqua will treat it as a web page visit and will allow you to create reports, campaigns, and programs based on the redirect URL that will contain details about the link and post that were clicked on.

For example:,short/ui/uWy9DY?utm_campaign=My-Campaign-Name&utm_term=blog,short&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter

Please note that in order to use this option you will need to set up a CNAME first, and retrieve your Eloqua Site ID. For more information about the redirect link structure please read the following article.

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