Connecting Social Profiles Pages and Groups

To get started with Oktopost, the very first step is to connect your social profiles, company pages and group pages. The more profiles and pages you add, the easier it is to expand your brand's social reach.

Oktopost enables you to add your personal social profiles, company pages and group pages that you manage, as well as those of colleagues, to post on their behalf.

Supported Networks

For each social network, Oktopost helps you manage the following channels:

Network Channels
LinkedIn Personal Profiles, Company and Showcase Pages
Facebook Personal Profiles, Company Pages and Group Pages
Instagram Any Profile
Twitter Twitter Handles
Google+ Business Pages

Adding Social Profiles

To connect a personal profile or a company page of which you are an administrator of:

  1. Go to the Profiles tab in your account, click on the Add a Profile button and select the channel you would like to add.
  2. You will be redirected to the social network in order to grant Oktopost permissions to access your social account in a programmatic manner.

Make sure to approve all of the required permissions otherwise Oktopost will not be able to use the profile. Once the process is complete, you will be redirected back to Oktopost and the profile will be available for you to manage.

Adding Your Colleagues Profiles

Apart from adding your own profiles, Oktopost lets you extend an invite to your colleagues and use the profiles or pages they manage on their behalf.

To connect a colleagues profile, simply choose the Invite a Colleague option when connecting a new profile and send your colleague an invite to connect their profiles or pages to Oktopost. Your colleague will receive an email invitation containing links to add his or her profiles. Once he or she approves the permission process, the social profile he or she added will appear in your interface.

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