How to Set Up the Integration

Oktopost enables social media lead data to be synchronized with your account. Each time you generate a social media lead, detailed source information is added to "Contacts" or "Leads" on This data can be used in reports, enabling you to view "source to sale" metrics and accurate social media ROI statistics.

In order for the integration to work, you will first need to Set Up Lead Capture.

How to Sync Oktopost with an Existing Account

To activate the integration, you have to be logged in to Oktopost as the Account Owner.

  1. Head over to IntegrationsSalesforce.
  2. Type in your credentials in Your Credentials field, including your account username, password and security token.
  3. Confirm that the user account has permission to add activities to Contacts and Leads, and can manage campaigns (check as Marketing User).
  4. In the Integration Setup section, check off the fields that apply. Oktopost recommends checking off: Update lead source, Create a SFDC activity for leads and contacts and Create a mirror SFDC campaign.
  5. Click Submit to complete the process. Integration Options

Oktopost provides various levels of integration with Oktopost will not create duplicate leads in your instance. This is accomplished due to the fact that Oktopost doesn’t change your current data flow from web form to The platform assumes that the lead already exists in, either as a Contact or Lead. A new lead is only created if there is no Contact or Lead already in place.

Update Lead Source

  • If the Lead or Contact already exists, Oktopost will update the lead source field when a conversion is triggered.
  • The lead source fields can be customized to your liking. One example would be replacing the standard lead source field with a custom field for "Social Last Source".

Create SFDC Activity

  • Oktopost will automatically create an activity under the Contact or Lead with detailed lead source information. You will be able to see which social network, social profile, Tweet, post or LinkedIn Group a lead came from.

Create a Mirror SFDC Campaign

  • This option will automatically create a campaign in SFDC for every Oktopost campaign. Any leads who were converted via Oktopost will be added to this SFDC campaign, enabling you to track the entire sales cycle and see the true ROI of your social media activities.
  • You will be able to configure the campaign naming convention in SFDC to your own needs.

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