How to Set Up The Salesforce Integration is a leading platform for customer collaboration and relationship management (CRM).

By integrating with Oktopost, any leads you generate from social media marketing will flow directly into account. Give your sales team the opportunity personalize each call by understanding which social messages and content your leads found most engaging.

Set Up The Integration

To set up the integration, simply head over to Integrations, click on Add Integration, select from the list and enter your credentials.

Sandbox Mode

If you wish to test the integration using your Salesforce Sandbox account, check off the "Enable sandbox" option and enter your test credentials. Once the integration is ready to be deployed, simply edit the integration in Oktopost and enter your production credentials.

Integration Options

Oktopost provides various options for integration with

Update Lead Source

If enabled, Oktopost will update a Contact or Lead record in Salesforce every time a social conversion occurs. To use this option:

  • Conversion tracking must be set up on your website
  • A custom (text) field must be set up for the record type you wish to update

The updated value will contain the last social source from Oktopost. For example: Oktopost:Twitter.

Note that if the lead or contact records do not exist, Oktopost will create them and update the custom field automatically. To avoid collusions with marketing automation systems, Oktopost will perform this action 20-30 minutes after the event happens.

Create Activities For Leads and Contacts

If enabled, this option will automatically create an activity for the Lead or Contact every time they convert from a social source. The activity will contain the detailed lead source information, including the campaign name, network, profile name etc.

Create a Mirror Salesforce Campaign

If enabled, this option will automatically create a campaign in Salesforce for every campaign in Oktopost. Any leads who were converted via Oktopost will be added to this Salesforce campaign, enabling you to track the entire sale cycle and see the true ROI of your social media activities.

This option also allows you to configure the campaign naming convention based on the Oktopost campaign name and creation date.

Create Salesforce Cases

Oktopost allows you to create Salesforce Cases for every assigned social conversation. This gives you greater visibility over the different touch points in your customer life-cycle, including social media.

If enabled, you will have the option to create Salesforce Cases directly from the Assignments tab.

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