How to Set Up the Marketo Integration

Marketo is a comprehensive, analytics-based marketing automation software for e-mail campaigns, lead nurturing, lead management and scoring.

With the Marketo Oktopost integration you can ensure that all of your lead data syncs automatically, without any manual input. Segment your social media leads into smart lists, and use them to create e-mail nurturing campaigns or unique landing pages.

Set up The Integration

To set up the Marketo integration simply head over to the Integration tab in Oktopost, click Add Integration, and select Marketo from the list.

You will be prompted to fill out your User Id, Encryption Key and Soap Endpoint. To find this information in Marketo, go to Web Services under the Admin section in your account.

Integration Options

There are two main options in the Marketo integration:

Lead Conversion Source

If turned on, this will sync the detailed social source from Oktopost with custom fields in Marketo. To use this option, you will have to set up conversion tracking on your website and create the following custom fields in Marketo:

Type Name API Name
String Okto Click Campaign OktoClickCampaign
String Okto Click Network OktoClickNetwork
Url Okto Click Post Link OktoClickPostLink
String Okto Click ProfileOktoClickProfile
Datetime Okto Click Time OktoClickTime

Please pay close attention to the capitalization and spacing of both fields and API names

Here's how the data will look inside Marketo:

Social Click Tracking

If enabled, this option will sync each and every social click from Oktopost with your Marketo instance. You will be able to create nurturing and scoring rules based on all the parameters described in the table below. To enable this option you will have to set up a CNAME record for your account.

Once set up, every time a social link is clicked on, Marketo will record the click as a Web Page visit allowing you to use the data in various programs. Here's an example of how the data URL will look in Marketo:

The anatomy of a social click URL:

http://[YOUR CNAME]/social/[NETWORK]/[CAMPAIGN NAME]/[SOCIAL PROFILE]?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=[NETWORK]&utm_term=[CAMPAIGN TAGS]&utm_campaign=[CAMPAIGN NAME]

Here's the full list of available parameters for segmentation:

URL Definition
utm_medium Will always be "Social"
utm_source The social network name: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google
utm_term A comma separated list of campaign tags
utm_campaign The Oktopost campaign name
utm_content The source of the post: UI, Api, Autoposter, Bookmarklet, Board
okt_campaign_id The Oktopost campaign Id
okt_profile_name The name of the profile that was used to send the message
okt_profile_id The Id of the profile that was used to send the message
okt_poster_name The name of the user who posted the message
okt_poster_id The Id of the user who posted the message
okt_post_id The Id of the Oktopost post
okt_message_id The Id of the Oktopost message
okt_remote_url The link to the post on the social network site

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