How Do I Provide Client Access to an Account?

Oktopost enables marketing agencies to provide each one of their clients with access to their unique child account. This is a great way to let clients view and track the results of each social media marketing campaign you create.

How to Provide a Client With Access to a Child Account

Note: If you provide a client with access to their account, they will only be able to access their specific account, and not the agency's entire account or any of those belonging to other clients.

  1. Sign in to Oktopost. Select the relevant client (child) account from the list.
  2. Hover over Quick Links menu in the top right corner, and click on Users.
  3. Click on the +New User button.

    Note: Your agency's User profile isn't counted toward the number of Users your subscription plan includes.

  4. Fill out all of the fields with the client's details to invite that person to become User. Once he or she receives the e-mail, the person will be able to access the account with the username and password provided.

    Note:The client will have full access to all of the information in that specific child account.

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