How to Set Up the Act-On Integration

Act-On is a SaaS product for marketing automation, primarily used by small to medium-sized businesses to help manage and create e-mail campaigns, lead generation and analytics.

Setting Up The Act-On Integration

Step 1: Adding Fields in Act-On

Sign in to Act-On and head over to ContactsStandard Field Names. Scroll to the bottom, and add the following fields, exactly as they appear below:

Name System Usage
OktoClickTime None
OktoClickNetwork None
OktoClickProfile None
OktoClickCampaign None
OktoClickPostLink None

Step 2: Configuring Oktopost for Act-On

  1. Start the set-up by creating a new CNAME for your domain that will point to
  2. Sign in to Oktopost and head over to Integrations → Act-On.
  3. Enter your Act-On username and password and Submit the form.
  4. Select the default list which your Oktopost lead data will automatically be synced to.
  5. Enter the CNAME you're set-up according to the instructions above.
  6. Submit the form again to save the configuration.

After the integration is configured, any lead that is captured using Oktopost will be added to the default Act-On list you selected. If the lead already exists in Act-On, Oktopost will add the information to this lead's record. If the lead doesn't exist yet in Act-On, a new record will be created.

Setting Up Social Click Tracking Integration

This setup will sync all of the social click activity with your Act-On lead database. Each time a person clicks on any of your social posts, whether that post is leading to your own website or to another third party website,Act-On will be made aware of this click via the Web Page visit log.

  1. Set up a new CNAME for your domain that will point to
  2. Make sure that the Track Social Click Activity is checked and click on the Submit button.

Once all this is setup, every time a social link is clicked, Act-On will see the click as a Web Page visit. Here's an example of what the Web Page URL will look like inside Act-On (All the UTM codes are added automagically):,short&utm_campaign=Short-Form-Blogs

The anatomy of a social click URL:

http://[YOUR CNAME]/social/[NETWORK]/[CAMPAIGN NAME]/[SOCIAL PROFILE]?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=[NETWORK]&utm_term=[CAMPAIGN TAGS]&utm_campaign=[CAMPAIGN NAME]

The Full List of Parameters

Field Description
utm_medium Will always be "Social"
utm_source The social network name: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google
utm_term A comma seperated list of campaign tags
utm_campaign The Oktopost campaign name
utm_content The source of the post: UI, Api, Autoposter, Bookmarklet, Board
okt_campaign_id The Oktopost campaign Id
okt_profile_name The name of the profile that was used to sent the message
okt_profile_id The Id of the profile that was used to sent the message
okt_poster_name The name of the user who posted the message
okt_poster_id The Id of the user who posted the message
okt_post_id The Id of the Oktopost post
okt_message_id The Id of the Oktopost message
okt_remote_url The link to the post on the social network site

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