How to Set Up the Feedly Integration

Oktopost's integration with Feedly lets users easily access content from all of their favorite publications in one place, and share it with their social audiences in seconds. This results in a powerful curation tool that aggregates articles and blogs from multiple RSS feeds and maximizes their visibility on major social channels with minimal effort.

How to connect your Feedly account to Oktopost

  1. Go to your Content tab and click on Connect Now under Feedly.
  2. Sign into your Feedly account.
  3. Once you're redirected back to Oktopost both accounts will be connected. You will see all of the categories you previously set up in Feedly available under the feedly header in Oktopost's Content tab.

Sharing with Feedly

To share an article, just click on the article text, header or image and that will open the sharing console with the article's title and link pre-populated in the message box. To view the article in a new page, you can click on the domain link below each item.

Items can also be discarded by using the Hide option. Once an item has been shared, it will show up in a lighter shade of grey.


If you happen to experience any issue with the connection to Feedly, like missing categories or items for instance, the best course of action would be to try and re-connect Oktopost to Feedly. To do it, go to Integrations, and deactivate feedly. Once Feedly is inactive, go ahead and connect it again to Oktopost. If the issue persists, please contact us.

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