Marketo Integration: Social Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows marketers to prioritize leads, qualify the right leads for sales, and capture long-term sales opportunities that would otherwise be lost. With Marketo users can score leads based many different criteria, and with the Oktopost integration, even social actions can be used to score leads.

After setting up the Marketo integration, whenever a lead converts, and that lead originated from social media, six custom fields are automatically populated in Marketo. Based the values of these fields, you are able to affect your lead scores.

Leads can be scored based on the following social criteria:

Social Criteria Definition
Social Network The network from which the lead originated
Group Name of Group from which the lead originated
Profile Name of the personal company page from which the post was published
Campaign Name of the social campaign within Oktopost

Scoring Leads Based on Social Network

This example will show you how to score leads based on the social network they came from.

Step 1: Create a new smart campaign

In Marketo, create a new Smart Campaign, you might want to create a new folder for all of your lead scoring.

Step 2: Listen to data value changes

On the Smart List tab, add a 'Data Value Changes'. The 'Attribute' is: "Okto Click Network" and the 'New Value' is 'Is Not Empty'. Whenever a new social lead conversion happens, this field will get a new value of the originating social network name.

Step 3: Setup scoring

On the 'Flow' tab, drag over 'Change Score' from the sidebar, and add the criteria according to your preferences. In this sample we chose to give Facebook a score of 10, Twitter 20 and LinkedIn 40 points.

Step 4: Activate campaign

On the 'Schedule' tab, make sure the campaign is active.

Scoring Leads Based on Social Clicks

If you have the Track Social Clicks setup with your Marketo integration, then every single social click will be reported in Marketo as a website visit. This information can be very useful, especially considering that some of your social links are pointing to pages that aren't a part of your domain. Even if you send traffic from your Twitter to Youtube, for example, you will still see those clicks in Marketo.

To score based on social clicks, you will need to create a trigger based on webpage visit. The social clicks will all start with the CNAME that you provided when setting up the integration in Oktopost.

The URL of the webpage embeds the social campaign name, network name, social profile used to send the post, etc. This information can used to change the lead score as in the example below.

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