Marketo Integration: Interesting Social Moments

Marketo's munchkin code accumulates data about your prospect's behavior on your website, emails, and content. From your Sales team’s perception, Marketo Sales Insight aggregates all this data into a nicely organized bundle for them to experience the coolness that Marketo delivers.

Creating Interesting Moments in Marketo enables your sales team to quickly consume information and run with it! Now, with the Marketo integration, you can create new Interesting Moments based on social clicks, whether the traffic is going to your website or to a third party.

This example is going to show how to create an Interesting Moment when a prospect clicks on at least three social links in the past two weeks.

Step 1: Look for Web Page Visits

The Smart List of the Interesting Moment will look for web page visits that start with (yours will be different, depending on the integration setup). This means that the lead clicked on a social link. In our example we only want to catch non-customers, so we filter on the SFDC Type as well.

Step 2: Create an Interesting Moment

In the flow, simply create an Interesting Moment and name it "Socially Active".

Step 3: Schedule a Campaign

Since this is a batch campaign, you'll need to schedule it to run on a daily basis. We've also limited the lead to flow through the campaign to once every 45 days.

Once the "Socially Active" Interesting Moment is set up, it will automatically appear in the Marketo Sales Insight. You can also use it as a trigger in other programs, for example, to send an alert to the lead owner.

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