Setting up the Google Analytics integration

The Google Analytics integration allows you to track clicks on any link published with Oktopost on Google Analytics.

The tracking is done by way of events. For each click, Oktopost will trigger an event called an OktoClick in Google Analytics. Oktopost will also attach the campaign name and social network where the link was shared.

Setting Up the Integration

To set up the integration you will be required to create a CNAME record. Once the CNAME is ready, head over to Google Analytics → Admin → Tracking Info → Tracking Code, copy the tracking ID and paste into the integration setup in Oktopost.

Accessing the Data in Google Analytics

To view events head over to Google Analytics → Reporting → Behaviour → Events. The main event type that will be synced with every social click is called OktoClick, while the social network and Oktopost campaign name will be synced as the Event Action and Event Label respectively.

Creating a Custom Dashboard

While the event data can be analysed according to various verticals, we've created a simple dashboard you can start with. To add it to your Google Analytics reports simply head over to Dashboards → New Dashboard → Import From Gallery, look for Oktopost Social Clicks and click on Import.


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