How to Create a Facebook Audience Based on Social Behavior

The Oktopost Facebook Ads feature provides an easy way to retarget all audiences that click on any of your social links, regardless of Network. Since Oktopost is aware of the link context, you are able to use this data to segment and create specific audiences in Facebook based on interest.

Creating the Facebook Audience is accomplished with these few simple steps.

Step 1: Create Custom Audience

In your Facebook management console, create a new custom audience.

Step 2: Select Website Traffic

Select Website Traffic for the audience source.

Step 3: Select Custom Combination

On the next screen, select Custom Combination.

Step 4: Choose Event

Under the Include section, choose Event and select SocialClick.

Step 5: Choose Filters

From here on, you can choose specific metadata that filters on the relevant audience for this specific segment. The example below shows a filter where the campaign tag is compliance. Finish by providing the Audience with a name and click on the Save Audience button.

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