Knowledge Base

  1. Set Up Oktopost Social Media Management 

    1. Connecting Social Profiles Pages and Groups
    2. How to use the Autoposter
    3. Setting Up Conversion Tracking and Lead Capture
    4. Setting Up Streams
    5. Setting up Social Login
  2. Social Employee Advocacy 

    1. Creating Advocacy Boards
    2. Inviting Advocates
    3. Accessing the Board
    4. Managing Advocacy Messages
    5. The Leaderboard
  3. Using Oktopost  

    1. Twitter Search Stream
    2. Content Discovery
    3. Message Assets
    4. Importing Message Assets
    5. How to Schedule Posts
  4. Social Analytics 

    1. How to Create Reports and Dashboards
    2. Social Metrics
    3. Report Filters and Dimensions
    4. How to Export Reports and Dashboards
  5. Integrations 

    1. How to Set Up The Marketo Integration
    2. How to Install Social Insights for Salesforce
    3. Salesforce Social Insights Data and Reports
    4. How to Install Social Analytics for Salesforce
    5. How to Install Social Advocacy For Salesforce
  6. Account and Profile Settings 

    1. Setting up Roles and Permissions
    2. Setting up a Password Policy
    3. Session Settings
    4. Email Notifications
    5. Setting up Teams
  7. Data and Privacy 

    1. Oktopost and GDPR
    2. Data Retention Plan
    3. Sub-processor List
    4. Security and Customer Data Protection
    5. Cookies Policy
  8. Troubleshooting and FAQ 

    1. Handling posting errors
    2. Why are images not displaying in my link preview?
    3. Why links are not automatically shortened when I'm writing a message?
    4. Why do I need to reconnect my page or profile?
    5. Click discrepancies between Oktopost and other platforms
  9. All articles 

    1. Connecting Social Profiles Pages and Groups
    2. Setting up Roles and Permissions
    3. Twitter Search Stream
    4. Creating Advocacy Boards
    5. How to Set Up The Marketo Integration

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