Setting Up Profile Groups

Oktopost Profile Groups allow you to easily select multiple social profiles at once. Profile Groups are created per user, per social network, and each user has the ability to create up to 20 groups per network.

The Profile Groups feature can be found in the post console. Once you click on the profile of the social networks the "Groups" button will appear.


To create a profiles group simply click on the Groups button and then select + New Group. Enter the group name and select the social profiles that will be included in the group, then click Save.

The group you created will appear next to the Groups button, and the profiles you've added will be automatically selected.

To edit profile groups, click on the Groups button and then on the group you wish to edit. After making the necessary changes, click Save. To delete, simply hover over the group you wish to remove, click on the bin icon, and then Save.

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