Advanced Search for Content Discovery

With our Content Discovery engine, you can easily search and share articles with your audience based on topics of interests.

Each interest provides a broad search for a keyword or term within articles that our engine was able to find in the past 7 days. Once an interest has been set up in Oktopost, you can narrow down the search by specifying inclusion and exclusion rules:

  • Should contain keywords
  • Must contain keywords
  • Must NOT contain keywords

For each field you can specify multiple matching keywords and narrow it down even further with the following advanced queries:

Field Specifier

You can specify whether a keyword should match a specific field within each article. To do so, prepend your keyword with the field name and a colon, like so:


Available field names are:

  • title this matches the title only
  • body this matches the entire result body text
  • excerpt this matches the text body's first 300 characters


To perform a wildcard search, use the * symbol. For instance, to search for content that contains smartphone OR smartphones, use the following query:



Parentheses allow you to create queries with nested logic. For instance, to search for content that must contain either "information" or "technology", include the following in the "Must Contain" field:

(information technology)


Boosting allows you to control the importance of a term in a search. To boost a term use the ^ symbol with a boost factor (a number) at the end of the term. For instance, If you have a search that includes the keyword AdWords and want to boost this keyword then use the query:


To boost a phrase, append the boost modifier after the closing quote:

"content marketing"^10

Fuzzy Matches

To match similar spellings, you can make a term fuzzy by adding a tilde and a fuzzy factor. For example:


This will match both color as well as colour.

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