Handling posting errors

Oktopost uses APIs to post to your profiles and pages on social media. From time to time, posting issues can occur due to problems with your credentials, our integration, or the social networks' APIs. This article contains a list of the most common posting errors that you may encounter and how to handle them. If you encounter any issues, please contact support.

General Errors

Access token has expired, been revoked or otherwise invalid

Happens when your profile is no longer valid. Try to re-add your profile.

An unexpected error has occurred

This error means that the error response from the network is unknown or irrelevant to the user. Try to post again or contact support.

Network-Specific Errors


API limitations exceeded

This error means that you exceed the API limitations for the day. Since the limits are refreshed every 24 hours at midnight UTC, you don't need to do anything.

The API limits for posting on LinkedIn are 25 profile status updates and 20 company shares.

Refused by LinkedIn

This error can happen when the message that you're trying to post has an invalid URL or odd characters. Try to re-enter your message manually, without pasting it from anywhere and re-schedule it. If the error happens again, contact support.

Internal API server error

This error means that LinkedIn had an internal issue while receiving the post. There is nothing to do besides attempting to re-schedule at a later time.


Post is a duplicate

This error means that you sent a post with the same content not long before sending this one. While it's bad practice to post the same content twice, if you have to do it, try to re-word your message and re-schedule it.

Facebook is down or being upgraded

This error means that Facebook API is down or performing updates. In this case, try to re-schedule for a later time.

Permission is either not granted or has been removed

This error means that the user doesn't have permission to post. To fix it, you need to re-connect your Facebook page to Oktopost and try to post again. If that doesn't work, remove the Oktopost application from Facebook, and repeat the process above.


This request looks like it might be automated

This error is returned from Twitter to protect users from malicious activity. It can happen when using 3rd party software to post in high-volumes that may look suspicious. In this case, try to reset your Twitter password and re-connect Oktopost. If that doesn't work, we recommend reaching out to the Twitter Help Center.

To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, this account is temporarily locked. Please log in to https://twitter.com to unlock your account.

This error requires going to https://www.twitter.com and logging in to verify that you are a real person posting to the account.

Your account is suspended and is not permitted to access this feature

This error means that the Twitter profile has been suspended and cannot be used. In this case, we recommend reaching out to the Twitter Help Center.

Over Capacity or Internal error

Both errors mean that Twitter could not receive the post due to internal problems with their API. In this case, there is nothing you can do besides attempting to re-schedule to a later time.

User is over daily status update limit

This error means that you exceed the API limitations for the day.

Status is a duplicate

The status text has been Tweeted already by the authenticated account. Try to re-form the message and re-schedule for a later time.

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