How to Set Up The Marketo Integration

Marketo is a comprehensive, analytics-based marketing automation software, primarily used for lead nurturing, scoring and management. With the Marketo Oktopost integration, you can automatically sync social activities with lead records in Marketo to create more meaningful interactions with your customers.

Connect Oktopost to Marketo

To set up the integration with Oktopost you will need to create a Custom Service in Marketo with API access.

Make sure that the API User used by integration has the following API permissions:

  • Read-Write Activity
  • Read-Write Activity Metadata
  • Read-Write Person

Once the Custom Service is set up, go back to Oktopost → App Settings → Integrations, click on Add Integration, select Marketo from the list and enter your Client Id, Client Secret, and Munchkin Account ID from Marketo.

Once Marketo is connected to Oktopost, you'll be able to configure the integration settings.

Note that to reduce the number of requests Oktopost makes to Marketo's API, we use the bulk and batch endpoints when possible. A typical installation can consume anywhere from several to a few dozen calls per day.

Sync Custom Activities

By turning this option ON, Oktopost will automatically create new custom activity objects in Marketo and will send custom activity data to Marketo whenever it detects a social activity by a known lead. The custom activity types include:

Type Filter Trigger
Social Link Click Clicked on a Social Link Clicks on a Social Link
Social Like Liked a Social Post Likes a Social Post
Social Reaction Reacted on a Social Post Reacts on a Social Post
Social Comment Commented on a Social Post Comments on a Social Post
Social Share Shared a Social Post Shares a Social Post
Social Mention Mentioned on a Social Network Mentions on a Social Network
Social Direct Message Sent a Direct Message on Social Sends Direct Message on Social

Each custom activity type will contain detailed information and analysis about the activity, allowing to score and nurture based on social activities. See full lead activity reference here.

Track Social Clicks

By turning this option ON, the Marketo Munchkin code will be triggered whenever someone clicks on a shared link. Marketo will treat it as a web page visit and will allow you to create reports, campaigns, and programs based on the redirect URL that will contain details about the link and post that were clicked on.

For example:,short/ui/uWy9DY?utm_campaign=My-Campaign-Name&utm_term=blog,short&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter

Please note that in order to use this option you will need to set up a CNAME. For more information about the redirect link structure please read the following article.

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