Crisis Management

Oktopost Crisis Management allows you to quickly respond to any social media crises by defining a set of powerful rules that enforce account-wide behaviors while your account is in Crisis Mode. The main Crisis Management functions include pausing all social publishing activities, assigning responsible users to handle crisis communications, and notifying account users about the pending Crisis.

Crisis Mode Options

Crisis Mode describes a state in which all social publishing activities are paused. While Crisis Mode is active, account users and advocates will be able to see a clear notice about the crisis and will be restricted from scheduling posts. When activating Crisis Mode you will have the following options:

What should be done with scheduled posts

While in Crisis Mode, previously scheduled posts will not be sent out. This option allows you to define if you want to delete or put scheduled posts in draft status.

Who should be able to schedule posts

While in Crisis Mode, no-one besides the users listed here will be able to schedule posts. This list will usually contain the people responsible for handling the crisis communication and will allow them to schedule posts.

Automatically ending a crisis

Using the Crisis End Date option you will be able to determine when Crisis Mode will be switched off. If you don’t know or want to extend the Crisis Mode, you can select any date and time and update the value before the date and time you previously defined.

Crisis Notifications

When Crisis Mode is turned on or off, you will have an option to notify account users and advocates. Crisis Mode notifications are sent both by in-app notifications and by email. When Crisis Mode is turned on, the notification will also contain the crisis description, so make sure to provide an accurate description of the situation.

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