Data Retention Plan

Oktopost data retention controls give each account the ability to determine for themselves what is the correct amount of time for them to maintain data, based on their industry and requirements. Following the determined period, event activity and lead activity will be automatically deleted from Oktopost servers.

There are 2 retention periods that account needs to determine:
  1. The amount of time inactive Lead Records will be retained. Inactive leads are leads without associated activities. 
  2. The amount of time "Lead Activities" such as clicking on a shared link, liking a social post, commenting on a social post, mentioning on a social network, and sending a direct message will be retained.
For each data type, you will need to choose the relevant period for which they want to keep the data, following which it will be deleted from our servers. By default, Oktopost will delete both types within 24 months.

Oktopost customers can access their data retention settings here. If you change the retention period, the change will take effect within 24 hours.

Please note that Aggregated data for analytical purposes will not be affected.

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