How to Set Up The Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Lead Ads are a type of ad that allows you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook. With Lead Ads, people who run into your ad can complete the form and register to your service without leaving Facebook, with just a couple of taps.

With the Oktopost Lead Ads integration, people who fill out the form on Facebook can be automatically captured and routed to your marketing automation instance, with additional, valuable data about their activity. At the moment, Oktopost supports syncing data to Marketo, Eloqua, and HubSpot. You can also use Webhooks to integrate new leads and lead activities with your system.

To start using the Oktopost Facebook Lead Ads integration, go to Integrations and click on Add Integration, select Facebook Ads, turn on Lead Ads and click Save.

Now, every new lead, coming from any of your Facebook Pages, will be automatically captured by Oktopost and sent to your People Database.

Next, if one of the marketing automation platforms mentioned above is connected, you will be able to choose for each instance whether you want Oktopost to create new leads and activities.

Facebook Lead Ad Activity

By having both the leads and activities synced separately you will able to use more data about each form fill and be able to create smarter segments, lists, and workflows. Here are the fields each form fill activity contains:

Field Description
FormFillId Reference to Oktopost activity ID
FormFillDateTime -
FormFillData The data from the form fill
FacebookFormId Reference to the Form ID in Facebook
FacebookAdId Reference to the Ad ID in Facebook
FacebookLeadId Reference to the Lead ID in Facebook
Network Facebook
ProfileName Name of the Facebook page
PosterName Name of the Oktopost user who set up the ad
CampaignName Oktopost campaign name
CampaignTags Comma-separated list of keywords from Oktopost campaign
MessageKeywords Comma-separated list of keywords extracted from the ad's content


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