How to Install Social Advocacy For Salesforce

The Oktopost Social Advocacy Salesforce package allows users to discover and share industry-relevant content with their social audience directly from Salesforce. Once installed, Salesforce users who have access to the social advocacy board will be automatically logged in to the app, while users who don't will be asked to contact the account administrator to receive access.


To install this package, you must have permissions to install packages in Salesforce. To use the package, your Salesforce User's Email field must be the same as the Oktopost User's Email.

Install The Package

To install the package, click on the link below. This will open a new browser tab and take you to Salesforce. If you're not logged in to Salesforce, you will be prompted to do so. Follow the instructions on Salesforce to set up the package.

  1. The first page will list the components that the package will install. You can review these and click Continue.
  2. On the next screen, click Install to complete the process.

Use this URL to install the package into your organization:

Add The Tab to Your Display

To make the Oktopost Social Advocacy tab visible on the main menu, go to Show All Tabs, click on Customize My Tabs and add the package to the Selected Tabs window.

Click Save, and you're done.

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