Advocate Content Suggestions

The Content Suggestions feature allows advocates to recommend content for sharing on the social advocacy board. New suggestions are moderated by the Oktopost user, who manages the board and decides whether to accept or reject the submissions. 

Accepted suggestions show on the board with the name and thumbnail of the person who suggested the content, exposing another dimension of engagement for employees and marketers alike.

This feature is Optional, to enable it, go the board settings, and turn ON content suggestions. Once activated, new tabs will appear on the board admin for moderation and the board, allowing advocates to submit their ideas.

Posting Suggestions

From the new Suggestions tab in the social advocacy board, advocates can click on the Plus button, enter their suggestion, and Submit it. Submissions can contain a description text and a link or up to four image attachments.

To save time, advocates can install the browser extension or mobile extension, which will allow them to submit any page they see on the web with a click of a button.

Note that when an advocate creates a new suggestion, it will be visible to him and other advocates on the same board. 

Content Moderation

As new suggestions become available, you as the board admin will be notified and prompted to take action. The moderation options are simple, and you can either Accept or Reject each suggestion. 

In both options, you can choose to leave a review note, taking into account that notes are sent to the advocates who posted the content and are visible to other advocates who review it.

Accepting suggestions

If you choose to Accept a new suggestion, the advocate will see the item on his board as Pending Review. They will not be notified until you publish at least one message on the board based on that suggestion. Only once you create a message from on the submission and post it on the board, the item status on the board admin change to Published, and the advocate will see it as Accepted. At that point, the advocate will receive a notification and be able to share it on their social channels.

Rejecting Suggestions

If you decide to Reject a submission, note that a notification will be sent to the advocate immediately, so make sure to include a review note with a short explanation.

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