Working with Page Mentions/Tags

To search for a Page to Mention or Tag, open the post or message console and start typing the Page Name or Username using an @ sign, e.g. @An Example Company or @AnExampleCompanyUser.

While both should work, the 2nd option, because it is a Unique Username and has no chance of another Page using the same name, is more easily found.

LinkedIn Page Mentions

Due to API restrictions you will be able to mention Company Pages and Showcase Pages only unless a Personal Page is connected to your Oktopost Account through your main Account or through an Advocacy User.

Facebook Page Tags

Due to API restrictions:

  1. You will be able to mention pages only.
  2. Mentions will work only when the scheduled post is on behalf of another Facebook Page
  3. Attempting to mention a company using a personal profile will simply print the mention on Facebook as plain text

Instagram Page Mentions

Instagram does not have a page search for mentions, but typing out @username will create the mention once published.

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