Posting on Personal Profiles Versus Business Pages

Oktopost, through the employee advocacy board, supports posting both to Business and Personal Social Profiles, but there are differences in what can be done between the two types of Profiles.


Facebook posts with a Personal Profile can only be done with the Facebook Share Dialog. Because of this, all posts to a Personal Profile must have a link attachment, and not include image attachments or a video. Additionally, any text for a Facebook Post must be entered into Facebook directly when sharing. Oktopost provides a handy "Copy to clipboard" icon in the Advocacy Board so that the text can easily be pasted into Facebook's Share Dialog screen.


Instagram's API allows only native posting for Personal Profiles, so we have built a seamless workflow that takes your advocates from Oktopost's Social Advocacy mobile app right to Instagram's native share screen, where they can choose between the Story and Feed options. The image caption will be automatically copied to the clipboard.


LinkedIn API does not allow uploading videos to Personal Profiles. Instead, you can share a link to a YouTube/Vimeo video, and it will post appearing as an embedded video.

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