Microsoft Dynamics Social Activity Entity

When you set up the Microsoft Dynamics integration, Oktopost will create an Oktopost Social Activity entity in your Common Data Service. The entity will have the following fields:

Field Type Description
Account Lookup(Account) Reference to Dynamics Account (Contacts only)
Activity Datetime Date and Time -
Activity Id Text Reference to the activity ID in Oktopost
Activity Text Text Area Post, mention, direct message, or comment text
Activity Type Text Link Click, Comment, Share, Mention, or Direct Message
Campaign Name Text Oktopost campaign name
Campaign Tags Text Area A comma-separated list of tags from Oktopost campaign
Comment Keywords Text Area A comma-separated list of keywords extracted from the comment text
Contact Lookup(Contact) Reference to Dynamics Contact
Lead Lookup(Lead) Reference to Dynamics Lead
Message Keywords Text Area A comma-separated list of keywords extracted from the post, mention, or message content
Network Text LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google or Instagram
Post Datetime Date and Time The post date and time
Poster Name Text Area Name of the Oktopost user who scheduled the post
Post Id Text Reference to Oktopost post ID
Post Source Text UI, API, Board, Curation or Direct
Profile Name Text Name of the social profile who shared the link
Remote Url URL A link to the post on social media
Sentiment Text Positive, Negative, Neutral or Mixed
Sentiment Score Whole Number Positive = 100, Negative = 0, Neutral = 50, Mixed = 50
Who Type Text Who this activity is associated with: Lead or Contact

Every time a social interaction will be captured by Oktopost and associated with a known Contact or Lead in Dynamics, Oktopost will append a record to this object.

Each record will represent a different social activity and contain information about it. Fields that are not available or irrelevant to the activity type will remain empty.

Here's the full reference of available fields per activity type:

Field Link Click Mention Comment Share Like Reaction Direct Message
Activity Datetime
Activity Id
Activity Text - - -
Activity Type
Campaign Name - -
Campaign Tags - -
Comment Keywords - - - - - -
Message Keywords - - - - -
Post Datetime -
Poster Name - -
Post Id - -
Post Source - -
Profile Name -
Remote Url
Sentiment - - - -
Sentiment Score - - - -
Who Type

Note that not all interactions can be associated with known Leads or Contacts immediately, therefore, when such a connection will be detected, the associated activities will be synced soon after.

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