Social Advocacy For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams comes with Microsoft Office 365. Read more on Microsoft Teams to get started.

The Oktopost Social Advocacy app for Microsoft Teams links your Oktopost advocacy board to Microsoft Teams. When you run Microsoft Teams, you can use the Oktopost Social Advocacy app to:

  1. Set up channel tabs.
  2. Share content with colleagues through our user-friendly bot.

By default, the Oktopost Social Advocacy app for Microsoft Teams is available and can be used by any user who has to both applications.

Channel Tabs

You can use the Oktopost Social Advocacy app to set up dedicated tabs inside your Microsoft Teams channels, such as:

  1. Messages Tab. This tab includes a personalized stream of content for each advocate. Allows advocates to find and share relevant content.
  2. Leaderboard Tab. This tab includes the social advocacy leaderboard, listing who shared the most messages and who got the most clicks.

To set up a Channel Tab, click on Add Tab from your Teams channel, select “Oktopost Social Advocacy,” and then choose the tab you want.

Social Advocacy Bot

The social advocacy bot allows you to find and share content from the advocacy board unto your Team channels. Your colleagues will be immediately exposed and notified about the new content and will be able to share it with a click of a button.

The bot requires a separate login. To start using it, click on the More icon inside your Teams navigation bar, look for “Social Advocacy,” click on the app, and then write “help” inside the chat interface. That will list all the available commands.

Once you signed in, the bot will become available when using your Teams channels, and you can use it to find messages and post them on the channel feed.

Need help?

If you’re running into any issues installing or using the Oktopost Social Advocacy app for Microsoft Teams, please contact us.

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